Celebrate life.

The Kiss Company | Sharing The Love

Paying It Forward

Here at The Kiss Company, we believe in sharing the love, we believe in paying it forward, in the power of healing hands, in being kind…and that laughter is the best medicine. 

We believe in saying ‘Cheers!’ and celebrating life every chance we get.  

The Heather Smith Siebert Memorial Fund

In honor of the beautiful woman who helped start The Kiss Company, please donate. Your donation will help others.

Sharing the love.

Have you ever felt like nothing goes your way? We’ve all experienced times when it seems like there’s nothing to look forward to. During these times it’s important to remember there’s always something worth celebrating. Life itself is beautiful and shouldn’t be taken for granted. That becomes even more difficult if you or someone you care about is battling a cancer diagnosis, struggling with chronic illness, rehabbing from a serious injury, or mourning the loss of a loved one. That’s where The Kiss Company comes in.

The Kiss Company delivers the healing power of touch, turning the bleak into beautiful. We celebrate the here and now and toast to living your best life. Make memories that last a lifetime by bringing brightness to someone’s day. Provide someone a break from trying to feel better by making them feel their best.

Send Someone a Kiss.

Book a Kiss Consultant now and give someone a reason to celebrate. Bring a full spa treatment right into their home and gift them relaxing foot, hand or scalp treatments and more. The Kiss Company delivers care through love, compassion and positivity.
Package #1: “Our Love”

Let us pamper your loved one in the comfort of their home with a custom manicure and pedicure combo.  Nail care will be the priority with a relaxing hand and foot massage to follow!

Package #2: “Come Away with Me”

This spa day will include “Our Love”, so a full manicure and pedicure in addition to a facial service.  Our facials are sure to leave you or your loved one feeling deeply cleansed, exfoliated, moisturized and loved!

Package #3: “All of Me”

Let us pamper your loved one for the day, including a full manicure, pedicure, facial and body treatment.  The entire body will ‘feel the love’ and the skin will thank you for all the special attention.

Shop Kiss for a Cause.

We promise to deliver compassion with every Kiss. We also promise that for every shirt, hat, hoodie and any other Kiss Company item sold, a % of the proceeds will be used to pay it forward and help even more people!


Hear It from Those Who’ve Been Kissed.

‘Many hugs and kisses to The Kiss Company who surprised me with a special day and wonderful spa treatment.  I’ll take this kind of treatment over arsenic treatment any day! And thank you especially to Lee Hyson, who sponsored me for this package through the Kiss Company.’

‘When theres people around you that just want you to have the best day, how can you NOT have the best day?!’

‘It’s amazing… I think this was my best massage ever.’

‘This made my Mom so happy!  She didn't have to go out in the cold and her toes and feet are well pampered and look pretty for their 50th Anniversary party this weekend.  Of course my Dad appreciates his feet being done and not having to walk in the slippery snow is best for him! Thank you for treating my parents to this special pampering session!’